USAA Campus Parking

Phoenix, AZ     USA

-G9 UI

-1.3MW dc in two phases

-M1-B and M1-C tracker controllers

-Largest parking tracker ever built 

-Kyocera Solar modules

NRG COmMunity Solar,

Brawley, CA     USA

​- 7.5MW DC

-G10 Quantum Tracker

-M1-C tracker controller

- 860kW largest drive

-only 12 drives total

-prepanelized module frame

-Trina Modules

ASU STadium Parking

tempe, AZ    USA

-730kw dc

-G8 UI Tracker

-First ViaSol elevated tracker

-M1-A controller (field upgraded to M1-B)

-Suntech solar modules 


​​Apache Parking Structure

​- .860KW DC

-G8-UI Tracker

- 18 drive units

-M1-A controller (field upgraded to M1-B)

Johnson Utilities Florence, AZ    USA

​- G9 FM Tracker

-500kW in water treatment facility

-Suntech 210 modules

-M1-B tracker controller

YUMA Wetlands

Yuma, AZ    USA

​- Tilted 1-axis trackers

-Utility funded development project

-ViaSol retrofit controllers


-Schott Modules

-M4-A tracker controller

Fulton Center Parking Tempe, AZ   USA

​- 400kw DC

-G9-UI tracker

-Trina modules

-M1-B tracker controller

​-Located on ASU campus

Shivlakha Phase 1 Shivlakha, Gj     India


-G9-x Tracker

-Nexpower thin film modules

-18 drive systems

-high wind zone

Red Rock Agricultural Research CEnter Red Rock, AZ    USA

- APS MaxTracker

-ViaSol M1-B tracker controller

-250kW dc

-Solon solar modules

-Agricultural pumping application with storage

Proven Technology for Utility Solar Power

​​Campus Agricultural CEnter Tucson, AZ    USA

​- -150kW demonstration system

-Max Tracker and ViaSol fixed rack on same site

- Solon panelized flexible thin film modles

-M1-B tracker controller

- 18 drive units

-M1-A controller (field upgraded to M1-B)