Elevated Trackers

ViaSol Energy Solutions developed three major projects:  the FM series ground mounted trackers for larger commercial and utility applicatons, the UI series elevated trackers for integration of PV into urban spaces, and the M series tracker controllers based on robust industrial automation components. The G10 and future generations of utility pv tracker are currently being supplied by Sunlink Corporation and by Solpower Green Pvt. Ltd.  The M1 tracker controller has proven robust and reliable continues to be supplied with the G10 tracker.

The ViaSol M Series tracker controller has proven to be remarkably durable and reliable, have achieved more than 10 years operation in a desert climate that routinely reaches 45C  ambient and more than 60C inside the electronics enclosure. This durable product was developed with the idea that it should be built to infrastructure standards with 25+ years economic life expectancy.  In 2008, the M1-A tracker controller was put in service. Today, after 10 years of design revisions, testing, and field experience, the M1-D and the very similar Solpower tTacker controller, each based on IDEC PLCs and components, today are offered to customers, along with a industry leading potable touch screen user interface that makes commissioning, operation, maintenance and troubleshoot easy and fast. This focus on ease-of-use is one of the great features that ViaSol and now Solpower stand out among trackers. 

ViaSol's FM-G9 was the first ground mount system offered by the company, introduced in 2010. At that time, module plan forms were widely variable and changing rapidly. The tracker was built around a core drive system and a rapidly reconfigurable row rack system that allowed it to be optimized for the modules and electrical design.  The G9 was discontinued with the introduction of the G10 Quantum tracker that markedly improved the system on many features while maintaining the rapid reconfiguration capability. 

The G10 represented the ultimate and most sophisticated single axis tracker of  developed by VIaSol. It introduced a number of previously unavailable capabilities that included:

-Balanced array push pull design

-Single drive size larger than 750kW  - fewest failure points of any PV tracker

Ground Mounted Trackers 

G10 Quantum Utility PV Tracker

Built to Last: Value for the long term owner

The utility solar power industry is still young and as such has experienced high rates of turnover. Unfortunately, many equipment suppliers that were once the leaders, with large balance sheets and deep pockets, have fallen as the industry moved rapidly forward, leaving owners with unsupported, highly customized equipment.  ViaSol's products have been designed to remove that risk so that they the safe, lowest lifecycle cost PV tracker available globally.  This is achieved through three elements of the design:

  1. Commercial-off-the-Shelf Parts for all maintenance items: always available everywhere, now, and for decades to come. Nothing "custom" or "solar only".
  2. Owner maintainability:  All service and repair can be performed by local workers using hand tools
  3. Economic serviceability: Fewest points for failure and ruggedized componentry  keep operating cost low enough that projects can be economically maintained indefinitely. 

Unique bearing design can function with larger angular misallignments, permitting faster and surer construction schedules.

​Largest standard drive size in industry reduces parts count and maintenance cost while increasing reliability

FM-G9 GrounD Mount Tracker

ViaSol launched it's turn-key design build business with three major projects in 2008 totaling nearly 3MW of elevated trackers. Additional array were built in succeeding years. The final project at USAA in Phoenix, Arizona is the largest carport mounted tracker globally at 1.3MW dc. Current market conditions have unfortunately made this product no longer economic, but the systems remain operational and are landmark PV projects for their unique complexity and scale. 

UI Trackers were built to fit the top level off a parking structure. These projects were designed and constructed using a documented process and patented design features that allowed integration of the tracker elements into the supporting structure.  Core control and drive technology (The M1 controller and fluid power drive) were incorporated into these projects, allow efficient maintenance of the tracker fleet. 

M series tracker Controllers 

Proven Technology for Utility Solar Power