Proven Technology for Utility Solar Power

Company History and Status

ViaSol's founding members shared a "build it to last" mentality.  They understood early on that tracking improved the economics of many large scale solar projects and have been steadfast in promoting that fact.  When they formed the company, they set out to design products that would endure and be maintainable for a lifetime and to offer services and expertise that allow customers to gain the maximum benefits from their investment. From the very first M series industrial grade controller, the selection of commercial-off-the-shelf components, to the design of the G10 drive system, engineering and design was driven by the goal of making the most durable and ultimately  most economic tracker on the market.  Unlike many consumer products that are designed to fail quickly and be replaced, or commercial products that are expected to be scrapped after they are fully depreciated, the ViaSol tracker and associated technologies have been designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and are intended for  deployment in long lived infrastructure. 

Values and Design Philosophy

ViaSol Energy Solutions LLC  was initially formed in 2006 by a group of solar energy enthusiasts who envisioned using solar energy to power island communities, supplement hybrid off grid systems, Though that venture was not brought to fruition, the company was reformed in 2008 to focus on commercialization and deployment of 1-axis tracking technology. VIaSol's founding principals constituted a team with deep experience in construction, project management, solar energy systems, power electronics, and control systems. 

During its first year of operation in 2008, ViaSol Energy Solutions was awarded three major elevated tracker projects, the first of which was designed and constructed in only 4 months. During this time ViaSol developed the first of its highly reliable, PLC based M-series tracker controllers.  Despite being a small start up firm, was the only one of four awardees to fulfill its obligations for projects awarded under under a highly competitive public RFP. 

In 2009, anticipating trends in the industry, ViaSol developed the first of its FM series ground mounted trackers, and shifted its focus away from being a turn-key tracker builder to being a supplier of ground mount trackers.

With the broadened product offering and recognized technical expertise, ViaSol was awarded and executed a series of unique and particularly challenging projects though 2010-2012.  These included the Fulton Garage and USAA Phoenix parking garage trackers, the later of which is the largest garage mounted PV tracker globally.  It also included ViaSol ground mounted trackers that used a wide range of modules,  and legacy retrofit projects that made use of the M1, M4 and M6 tracker control systems,

With several years and many MW of operating and construction experience gained, ViaSol's technical team redesigned the ground mount tracker and M1 controller and in 2013 relaunched the flagship product as the ViaSol G10 Quantum tracker,  with a feature set specifically targeted for demanding utility scale PV. The G10 was the first tracker to make use of the (patent pending) balanced array design, and continues to offer the largest single drive size (1.2MW dc). With the product launch, ViaSol also added the latest upgrade of well proven and reliable M1 series tracker controller, M1-C. 

Following the launch of the product and completion of the ultimate UI series tracker project, USAA Phase II, ViaSol began actively searching for a channel to more effectively market and sell the product in the US. That search lead ultimately lead to the acquisition of the ViaSol tracker technologies by SunLink Corporation in early 2015.

WIth the tranfer of ViaSol's tracker IP asset to SunLink, the company stopped actively selling  and all new tracker sales are referred to SunLInk Corporation or Solpower Green, Pvt. Ltd for their market with profit sharing agreements in place. ViaSol Energy Solutions LLC continues to service it's product warranties and provide legacy support to customers through its contracted relationship with Occidental Energy Equipment LLC.